What Can I Find Using

Government Public Records?

By: Chad Melius

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Searching government public records can reveal some very useful information. We'll give you just two examples of what you can find by using a public database that has the information you're looking for.

Example 1: Locate Lost Birth Records

Suppose you wanted to find the official record of someone's birth, and all you knew about the person was his name and the state in which he was born. This is not as hopeless as it sounds. Entering even a small amount of information like this will give you clues to narrow down your search.

  • Watch a short video that has an example of how you can search public records to find out more about an ancestor.
  • Example 2: Criminal Records Search

    If you have recently met someone that you know nothing about, this search allows you to find out if they have a previous criminal record before you become too friendly with them. There are also databases on court records, records of indictments and convictions, and misdemeanor, felony, and fugitive records.

    How Can I Access These Records?

    By becoming a member at, you will have unlimited access to their hundreds of databases -- the same ones used by private investigators. By using these 100% legal and fully-organized databases, you gain access to the tools you need to obtain public information about almost anyone from the privacy of your home.

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